Perfect World Frozen Dessert Launched In Holland & Barrett!

Perfect World Frozen Dessert Launched In Holland & Barrett!

Perfect World Ice Cream Company has launched its healthy alternative to ice cream in 465 Holland & Barrett stores across the UK. Holland & Barrett now will be offering 500ml (at £5.49) and 120ml (at £1.99) pots of Belgian Chocolate Brownie and Loads of Strawberry flavours in 300 stores, and 120ml pots of Belgian Brownie in 165 stores with smaller freezers. Smaller stores are able to order larger pots in for their customers on request.

Tasting and feeling just as good as real dairy ice cream, yet with real health benefits, fewer calories and none of the downsides often associated with dairy and added sugar. Perfect World is the UK’s very first non-dairy, no added sugar, wheat free ice cream alternative, which has a blend of nutritious nuts providing all the creaminess of ice-cream yet from unsaturated fats. It’s full of healthy nuts, but it doesn’t taste like nuts! Perfect World is a natural source of vitamin and minerals, and also dietary fibre, and it entirely avoids added sugar by having a special blend of sweeteners from natural origins, including Stevia.

The full range includes four deliciously different flavours; Belgian Chocolate Brownie and Loads of Strawberry, with Banana Walnut Chip and Taste of Carrot Cake coming soon. These guilt-free indulgences have real chunks of no sugar added, dairy free, wheat free chocolate brownies, walnuts, sultanas and strawberry pieces, as well as real fruit juices and purees.

Perfect World Ice Cream director, Chris Conklin, spent five years developing the product, starting on his kitchen table. He says: “We have developed our non-sugared, nut based desserts to deliver real ice cream indulgence without the sugar and calories. We also carry a significant number of legal EU health claims on pack to demonstrate how good the product is for you.

Fellow director Keith Davidson goes further: “The most important thing for us was being able to provide a healthy dessert option for families. Kids always want something sweet after dinner so we wanted to come up with a product that would satisfy their sweet tooth but provide actual health benefits at the same time. And adults who restrict their ice cream intake for health reasons no longer need to.

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